Hi, everyone today will be going over what are the best toy cleaners for women sex toys and really any of the brands sold through Ella Paradis are reputable brands.

That, of course, now comes down to your preference in terms of the type of toy cleaner and the type of brand. Now I also want to remind you, make sure you are cleaning your toy before and after every use. xvidoes

You can use lukewarm water and antibacterial soap outside of just the toy cleaners as well, and then make sure that you’re letting your toy air dry before you are safely storing it. As always, remember toys that are not waterproof.

Please do not submerged in water, but rather just rinse through and or lightly dab with a wet rag and ensuring that you are not getting the toy completely soaked under water.

Now, waterproof toys are a little bit more different, but any toy at all you can clean with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap. Just ensure that you are not submerging it.

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