Which Lube Is Best For Me?

Hi, everyone today will be going over what are the best types of lubes and to be honest, there isn’t one specific one as there is no best sex toy.

We will walk you through what are good lubes for beginners, good universal lubes, and then I will walk you through the different categories of lubes.

To start if you’ve never used a lube before, a water-based lube, to begin with is a really good lube. Like I mentioned, it’s universal, you can use it across a variety of toys.

A variety of toy textures where you would want to avoid things is if you don’t know silicone-based lube, they’re not good to be used with silicone-based toys or silicone covered toys, as it does break the silicone.

Now there are different types of lubes in terms of flavored, not flavored. There are different consistencies of lubes as well. There are oils which are good for massaging. They have the feel of body oils like as you would find over counter at your favorite stores, and then it just comes down to brand.

Do you have a brand preference? Do you want a flavor, or do you not want to flavor? I personally am not endorsing one specific brand. I generally skewed towards a water-based lube. But, if this is something where you are shower playing, then silicone is better as water based on it will wash off.

Silicone-based lubes are also better for longer lasting play, as you do not need to re-apply as often. But in general, if you’re starting off and haven’t used lube before, I highly suggest using a water-based lube.

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