What Is The Best Lubricant for a Male Sex Toy?

Ella Fans!

There isn’t necessarily the best lubricant. It all comes down to your preferences, of course, and as well as the type of toy.  Just as it goes for women’s toys, anything that has any sort of silicone, you should avoid silicone-based lube as it does break down the silicone on the toy. But outside of that, it’s up to you.

Do you want a water-based lube? A silicone-based lube? Do you want flavored lube? Comes down to textures, feels, longevity. For example, a silicone-based lube lasts longer than water-based lube. So how often do you want to reapply? How long is a session that you’re going for? What is the toy being used for?

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