Sex toys can be an exciting way to spice up your bedroom time, but finding the right ones can be challenging. Before you reach for your wallet, there are three things you should take into account: partner(s) comfort level; preferred type(s) of sexual activity; and unique utility (what can this toy do that you cannot already do with hands/mouth/other anatomy?).

Comfortable & Non-Penetrative: Many sex toys are designed for nonpenetrative pleasure. Examples of such include cock rings, butt plugs, and other devices that you and your partner can use together to stimulate clitoris and penis.

These can be an excellent way to introduce your partner to new sensations and explore various levels of play with each other. They may also be suitable for those who find penetration sex too challenging or uncomfortable.

Clit Vibrators: Couples often opt for vibrators designed specifically with clitoral stimulation in mind, which are small enough to fit comfortably in your hand during intimate activities. Plus, these toys tend to be waterproof so they’re great in the shower or bathtub!

We-Vibe’s Touch X vibrator is one of these. It’s a small and lightweight unit with its own remote control that allows you to set different speed settings and patterns of vibration for added comfort.

Long-distance lovers will appreciate this device, as it can be controlled with the We-Connect app. Plus, it comes with 10 vibration modes for a personalized experience and beat mode lets you groove to your favorite songs.

Cock Rings: We-Vibe’s Pivot is the ideal combination of a cock ring and clit vibrator in one toy, making it ideal for couples seeking an all-inclusive sex toy that can be used both for penetration and stimulation. It has an ergonomic handle, five vibrating patterns that are both intense and gentle, making it easy to use with one hand.

Je Joue’s G-Spot Bullet and Dame Products’ Eva are two great options for penetrative sex toys that you can safely use as a couple, enabling you to experience simultaneous orgasms with your partner.

These are the ideal sex toys uk for couples, as they’re durable, come with a warranty and provide sensations you won’t find with other toys. Furthermore, these offer great value for money.

The Dame Pillo is an ideal option for couples who want to explore new sensations and enjoy various sex positions. Crafted out of soft silicone, it provides a nice lift when in certain positions such as lying on your back or stomach.

Performance anxiety may make this product an ideal choice, as it provides a soothing sensation and won’t cause any pain when trying to reach climax. Bondage or tying with tape may not be for everyone, as skin-friendly tape helps avoid such risks without hurting.

Couples can also enjoy panties and glass dildos, which make a stylish addition to any bedroom. These vibrating dildos can be placed over the clitoris or penis and come in various shapes and sizes to suit individual preferences. For more info :