Is it Safe to use Adult Sex toys during Pregnancy?

Hey Ella Fam, this one’s for all of the soon-to-be mamas out there with all of your increased libidos, and extra hormones, wondering if sex toys can be used while pregnant? Short answer, of course!

However, since there’s a whole human being growing inside of you, we got to be extra careful. Make sure you clean your vibrator before and after each use. Try our Ella Paradis Single-Use Individual Packaged Toy Cleansing Wipes for convenience! Make sure you clean them or and after every use or when switching to a different body part. Read up on our blog – How to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys.

Also, listen to your body. Try a new lube (Check out the Sliquid Spark Menthol) or a different position. Check out our blog – Which Sex Toy Cleaner Is Safest For Women To Use? Everything’s uncomfortable when you’re pregnant.

Vibrators can also be a great alternative if your health care provider recommends you try and steer clear of penetrative sex. So the vibrators mainly clitoral, no penetration involved whatsoever, but you may want to discuss with your doctor before using one. If you have any of the following risk of pre-term labor, pain or cramps, bleeding or leaking of amniotic fluids or if your water has broken. Be sure to read our blog – Can I Really Get An Infection From My Sex Toy?

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