How To Use a Sex Toy to Hit Your G-Spot

Hi, everyone.

Today we will be going over how to use a sex toy to hit your G-spot. And there are a few different things to cover here.

So I am on the Ella Paradis website, specifically under dildos, but there’s a few different sex toys that can help achieve this.

But the reason why I want to focus on this is because I am going to go over just like different ergonomic shapes of dildos and how you use the shapes and the curves to get a feel for your pleasure, essentially.

So first thing’s first, using a lube and going slowly at first is always, always, always a really good idea. You can experiment through thrusting, of course. You can slow massage using the toy, of course, to do so, massaging clenching the toy as well, and using these different techniques to see what is the most effective way for your G-spot stimulation.

You won’t know without trying. You won’t know without playing with maybe different positions and trying different angles as you’re using the toy.

So the best recommendation I have is getting something that’s a little bit more curved, has maybe some texture to it. Of course, silicone is always great if you want to explore glass. Have at it.

There’s different types of ideal dildos, different types of toys with, of course, different types of materials.

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